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Improve Your AAO Job Center Results with OjO. Recruiting an Ophthalmologist is Hard! Ask us for help. You'll enjoy the experience and you'll love the results.

Improve your AAO ophthalmology practice opportunities results with ojo ophthalmology jobs online 2

The American Academy of Ophthalmology Job Center / Practice Opportunities job board is a wonderful place to list your employment or partnership opportunity.  However, even the most popular ophthalmology job boards have their limitations. 

You've got a great practice opportunity but you're having a difficult time attracting great ophthalmology candidates for your position.  We can help- actually our community of doctor relationships can help.

We network with talented ophthalmologists each and every day.  We work hard to give good practices a strong voice and a lot of attention in today's ultra-competitive ophthalmology hiring landscape.  We will work hard to make sure great ophthalmologists and fellowship trained eye surgeons know about your employment or partnership position.  If you're having a difficult time recruiting a talented eye surgeon or fellowship trained ophthalmologist for your opportunity, get in touch with us.  You will love our fresh, creative ideas and our "go the extra mile" attitudes.  We'll help you craft and create an attention getting ophthalmology job listing, help you identify your true selling points, and work with you to construct an attractive compensation or partnership offer.  We'll help you get your ophthalmology job message out to the largest audience possible so that you can select the right ophthalmologist for your patients, partners and staff- and for the future health of your business.  The best part is that we'll introduce you to our own, unique doctor relationships.  Why work with OjO?  Because, investing in your staff; your Human Capital, is the best investment you'll ever make. We believe that.  Let's talk about one on one recruitment with the expert, personal involvement of OjO. 

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Drew Caldwell

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