Selling your ophthalmology practice.  Is it time to find a buyer for your ophthalmology practice?

Selling Your Practice - What's it worth?  How do you find a buyer for your Ophthalmology or Optometry practice? Do you entertain offers from private equity groups who are looking to buy ophthalmology practices?  Do you merge with another local group?  Have you had a recent practice valuation or appraisal?  Do you look for information on comparable medical practices to determine how much your practice is worth? Do you hang on to your real estate as part of your retirement? And, you've heard a lot about fair market values---What does that mean? What will happen to your employees and patients when you leave?  There are a lot of questions to think through and carefully consider.

A lifetime of work--- 3 Generations of patients- You know them all.  You've survived and found a way to thrive in the good times and the bad.

Now, it's time to think about finding a buyer for your practice, but you want to sell it to an ophthalmologist or a group who will care for your patients and your employees the way that you have.

Talk with us today about selling your ophthalmology practice to someone who will continue your reputation of exceptional patient care. We would love to hear your story and we'd love to help your story live on.

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