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Ophthalmologist Salary Data - Salary Surveys and Ophthalmologist Compensation. How Much Does an Ophthalmologist Make? Featured


Average pay for Eye Surgeons in the U.S.  What does an Ophthalmologist earn?  Practices who are motivated to make a great, fair market salary offer to attract quality ophthalmologists want to know this information.  Here is a brief survey of 13 public websites that give salary information regarding ophthalmologist's compensation and pay. 


This is information that you can find when you do a google search.  Please note:  There is a lot to total compensation for an ophthalmologist; salary, productivity bonuses, sign on bonuses, relocation bonuses, insurance, PTO, CME allowance and more.  If you would like help constructing or formulating an attractive salary and productivity bonuses offer for your new hire ophthalmologist please let us know.  Thanks, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

We surveyed 13 websites that give ophthalmologist compensation.  We averaged all of this information to arrive at a figure of $256,000. 

If we used the same information but threw out the highest and lowest figures, we got $253,000.

According to Payscale.com, the average U.S. ophthalmologist earns nearly $300,000.




According to Sokanu.com the average is $205,000.




According to salary.com it is $286,000.


salarycom earnings for ophthalmologist

According to Medscape it’s $357,000.


medscape ophthalmologists pay salary


According to Ziprecruiter it’s $174,000 a year.


ziprecruiter ophthalmology compensation for eye surgeons


According to SalarySumo it’s $265,000.


salarysumo how much does an ophthalmologist earn


According to OwlGuru it’s $205,000.




According to Indeed.com it’s $194,000.


indeed ophthalmologist pay

Becker’s ASC states that the average ophthalmologist earns $357,000.


beckers asc ophthalmology salary


SalariesHub.com states that the mean pay for an ophthalmologist in the United States is $221,000 per year.


salarieshub average compensation ophthalmologist


Glassdoor.com shows the average base pay for an ophthalmologist to be $190,000.


glassdoor ophthalmologist pay eye doctor compensation


The Bureau of Labor Statistics doesn’t give out a compensation figure for the specialty of ophthalmology, instead they lump all physicians and surgeons together and come up with an average median pay of $208,000.


bls physician compensation ophthalmologist salary bureau of labor statistics


AMGA writes that the median Ophthalmologist’s compensation is $367,000.


amga ophthalmologist compensation how much does an ophthalmologist make


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