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Optometrist Recruitment Checklist Optometrist Recruitment Checklist

Optometrist Recruitment Checklist - If you're looking to hire an O.D. and wondering where to start, here's a handy Optometrist Recruitment Checklist for you. Featured

Looking to hire an Optometrist?  Here's a short O.D. Recruitment Checklist just for you. 

So, you've just left a doctors meeting and you've been told to hire an Optometrist ASAP!  If you left the meeting reeling, thinking "What do I do now?  Where do I start?"  Well, we think we can help you!  Here's a quick guide to help you get the recruitment ball rolling. 
What is your timeline for hiring?
What is your advertising budget? 
Should you consider outsourcing your recruitment?
Does your practice need an experienced O.D., a residency trained Optometrist or are you considering a new grad O.D.?
Are you looking for a retail oriented Optometrist or a Medical Optometrist?
What does a normal work day look like for the incoming Optometrist?
Describe your patient flow and the roles different team members play in efficiently delivering exceptional eye care to your patients.
Why do patients love your practice?
What are your patient demographics?
Do you have a full-time position or are you searching for a part-time or PRN Optometrist?
Will you need the incoming O.D. to work any evenings or weekends?
What will the call schedule look like?
What is unique about your practice and the opportunity you have?  The O.D. job marketplace is very competitive, so think about the reasons an energetic, hardworking Optometry candidate should pick your opportunity instead of going to work for your competitor.
Describe your company's culture.
Has your practice identified a talented Mentor who will take the incoming O.D. under his/her wing?
How many patitents will your newly hired O.D. see?
How will your administrative and ancillary staff work to keep your O.D. busy?
Are you a word of mouth practice or a mix of advertising/marketing and referrals?  In other words, how will the incoming doctor get patients?
What will you do to help your O.D. get connected in your community?
List the equipment and instrumentation you have.
What are your relationships with area Ophthalmologists like?
What is your salary range?
How do productivity bonuses work at your practice?
Describe your benefits package.
How much PTO will the incoming O.D. get?
Learning / Education and Professional Development is very important to job-seeking Optometrists. Describe your CME reimbursement/allowance.
Ok that's it.  This isn't an exhaustive list, but using this Optometry recruitment checklist will be a guide for you as you recruit and hire a talented Optometrist for your practice and your patients!
If you have questions regarding this checklist or would like to learn more about how much you should pay a new grad, residency trained or experienced optometrist, let us know.  We'll be happy to help you think through salary, bonuses, benefits and more.
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