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EyeMissions Best Portable Microscope for Ophthalmology Missions...Here's a lightweight scope, made for travel, that can help on Your Next Cataract Surgery Mission Trip.

eyemobile portable microscope for ophthalmology missions and cataract surgery trips scop
What's the best microscope in the world for the traveling ophthalmologist?  Where can you find a lightweight, portable microscope you can use on your next ophthalmology mission or cataract surgery trip? 

What if you're an ophthalmologist and you'd like to teach and train while helping the world's blind poor?  Eyemobil's new portable microscope might be the answer for you.

I talk with a lot of young ophthalmologists about jobs and career tracks.  During the course of these conversations, I invariably hear young doctors tell me how much they love missions work.  Because of this, I wanted to let our audience know about this cool scope.  It's made by EyeMobil.  Eyemobil is a neat start-up company and it's scopes are already being used by well-known international ophthalmologists who want to make a huge impact on world blindness.  This scope was built by an ophthalmologist, a young engineer from Notre Dame University and a well-known P.A. with tons of time in Africa's mission fields.  Each of these people has extensive experience on the mission field.  They took their experience and designed this scope just for ophthalmology missions but there are many other medical applications.

"EyeMobil Innovations grew out of the need to improve the portable product market for eye care professionals doing humanitarian work. We are bringing the innovations of the ophthalmic industry to the remote and overlooked by focusing on portability and affordability. Cataract surgery is one of the most cost effective surgical interventions in the world and addresses the number one cause of preventable blindness on the planet. eyeMobil works with ophthalmologists who are serving around the world performing cataract surgery for these patients.

We created the eyeMobile scope because our goal has been to provide the highest quality microscope that is truly portable and allows cataract surgery or other eye surgeries to be performed in any location even without a dependable power or electricity source.

Here's a link to EyeMobil's cool new lightweight microscope: http://eyemobil.com/products/EPIC-II-Operating-Microscope-p130016673

PS- EyeMobil also has a cool new surgeon's stool which is super lightweight and made for travel!

If you have a cool new product that you think can change the world of ophthalmology and help a lot of patients, whether it's in a big way or a small way, please send us a note. We'd love to hear about your novel innovation.  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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