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Ophthalmology Practice Owners and Administrators, Do You Know Your Key Recruitment Selling Points? Featured

When youre recruiting an ophthalmologist how much should you pay them ojo ophthalmology jobs online

So- You're interviewing an Ophthalmologist for your practice opportunity and your candidate asks, "What makes this practice unique?", or an even tougher, more relevant question "I am considering three positions, why should I go to work for your practice?" Do You Have An Answer?


Surprisingly, most ophthalmology practices don’t know all of the unique features and benefits of their employment or partnership position. We can help you identify your true selling points; the selling points that are meaningful to physicians. We talk with and listen to doctor candidates about jobs each day and each day we learn a little bit more about the mindset of a job-seeking eye surgeon and what they want to see in an opportunity.  Our conversations with job-seeking ophthalmologists gives us unique insights that we can use to help educate our clients so they can sign great MD/DO talent. Matching your distinctive selling points with what doctors are looking for in a great role will help you move forward in the vetting process and hire a great, long-term match.


Work with an Experienced, Knowledgeable Physician Recruiter.

OjO is directed by a recruiter with 30 years in healthcare experience, 16 of which have been exclusively serving the ophthalmology and optometry world. Our exclusive focus on doctor recruitment in eyecare gives us a unique perspective and our connections enable your team to hire the best eye doctor or eye surgeon for your group or solo practice opportunity.


Need Help Recruiting and Hiring a Great Ophthalmologist for Your Practice Opportunity? 

Private equity is hiring, hospitals are hiring, universities are hiring, and of course, private practices all over the nation are hiring.  It’s a jungle out there!  Today’s hiring landscape is more competitive than ever, so how does your practice identify and hire the ophthalmologist or sub-specialist you need?


Social Networking to Source, Identify and Hire Ophthalmologists.

OjO is staffed by HIGHLY Relational “People People”, so it’s natural that our social networking includes Google, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIN and more.  We’ve been using these platforms for a decade, so we know how to help you get more eyeballs on your opportunities with a strong social marketing presence. When we promote your practice opportunity to a wide audience it gives you the ability to search for and hire the best ophthalmologist for your organization.  When you work with OjO, you leverage our network for your benefit.  Let’s talk about hiring a seasoned, mid-career or young ophthalmologist for your organization.

Ophthalmology Residency and Fellowship Programs Campaigns.

Whether you’re looking to hire an experienced ophthalmologist or a newly minted MD, we leave no stone unturned.  We want as many ophthalmologists as possible to know about your partnership or employment need.  A critical piece of the recruitment puzzle includes reaching out to YO's.  We know how to engage and communicate with today’s generation of young ophthalmologists and we can’t wait to talk with them about your practice’s opportunity!

One on One Help. We Can Help You Hire a Great Ophthalmologist.

It may seem old fashioned in today’s techy world, but we still believe that you deserve individualized attention and a recruitment plan tailored to your precise hiring needs and wants.  We are painstakingly thorough about gaining in-depth knowledge of your practice, your culture and your opportunity.  No one will know your opportunity in greater detail or represent your practice better than OjO! 

Let's Discuss Your Recruitment Strategy.  Let's Think about Engagement.

Let's discuss a recruitment plan that works for you and your budget while we search for the ideal ophthalmology team member for your people and patients. We have many different options to offer, and we’ll gladly listen to you to evaluate the right course of action in your particular situation.  We want to help you hire so that we can get your team up and running again as quickly as possible with the best long-term fit available.

Marketing Your Job and Listing Your Ophthalmology Position.

Did you know that it’s not just solo practices in rural locations that have a hard time recruiting great ophthalmologists?  The truth is, if you want a phenomenal partner or employee it will take money, effort and time to find the ideal candidate. After all, you're not looking for a warm body, you're looking for an ideal MD match. To do this we market your opportunity to ophthalmologists all over the nation. Doing this increases visibility and awareness.  We’re going to help You Get More Eyes on Your Job Opportunity! Let's discuss recruitment marketing that makes sense for you and craft a message that will drive job-seeker engagement.

How Does Your Opportunity Compare with Other Hiring Practices?

We have so much experience working with practices and candidates.  This niche experience gives us an incredible advantage when we work with you and consider the pros and cons of your particular job or partnership position.  Because we have so much experience, we can help you to see the features and benefits of your practice opportunity.

Talk to us today.  Learn how your position compares to the competition- Knowing how you stack up will help you hire! 

We DON’T Just Throw Resumes at You!  

If you’ve worked with national recruiters before, then you know how hard it is to find an organization that is committed to personally and professionally representing your team hiring needs.  Isn’t it frustrating when the recruiter you team up with just throws candidate resumes at you- especially when you’re looking for an ideal fit for your practice and culture?  We’re not like that- that’s not us.  It’s not our culture or ethos.  We care about matching you with an ophthalmologist or fellowship trained subspecialist who isn’t just available, but instead is an ideal long-term fit for you, your team, the future fiscal health of your organization and of course, for your patients!


Here's Our Article Detailing What Job-Seeking Ophthalmologists Are Searching For In A Great Opportunity.

"The Best Way To Recruit An Ophthalmologist or Subspecialist for Your Practice. Tips and Insights From a Recruiter's Standpoint." The link to the article is here: https://ojonline.net/blog-2/item/178-the-best-way-to-recruit-an-ophthalmologist-or-subspecialist-for-your-practice-tips-and-insights-on-hiring-ophthalmologists-from-an-ophthalmology-recruiter-s-perspective.html

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