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Ophthalmology Missions (4)

EyeMissions Best Portable Microscope for Ophthalmology Missions...Here's a lightweight scope, made for travel, that can help on Your Next Cataract Surgery Mission Trip.

eyemobile portable microscope for ophthalmology missions and cataract surgery trips scop
What's the best microscope in the world for the traveling ophthalmologist?  Where can you find a lightweight, portable microscope you can use on your next ophthalmology mission or cataract surgery trip? 

"Can I do Phaco On a Mission trip? I would love to learn MSICS, but where do I get the training?"

So you'd love to go on an international eye care mission trip- a cataract surgery mission.  But, you only know Phaco...And you don't have a portable Phaco unit. You've always wanted to learn the MSICS procedure and you've seen Geoff Tabin and David Chang discussing the comparison of outcomes using these two approaches. 

Interesting Missions Article on Glaucoma: Not Your Father's Mission Work- Dr. Stan Pletcher

The article was featured in Review of Ophthalmology in 2011.  This is an older article but it offers some valuable insights from an ophthalmologist who has been heavily involved in ophthalmology missions for a long time.

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Ophthalmology Missions Work - Global Sight Alliance Ophthalmology Missions Map.

Global Sight Alliance Missions Map

The Global Sight Alliance is an ophthalmologist run non-profit that works to unite efforts to overcome cataract blindness throughout the world.  Think of them as the "E Harmony" of the global eye care missions world.

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