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Routine Calibration Checks Help Your Practice Run Smoothly and Mean Better Patient Care!

During my consulting visits with practices, I often ask the technical staff when they last checked the calibration on the applanation tonometers and manual keratometers. The response given is “sometimes it’s done” or “it’s never been done”. We check these instruments weekly (the recommendation is monthly) and find that the units aren't calibrating correctly.  We recently had two applanation tonometers off by 4mmHg. We have also detected a 0.50 diopter difference during the keratometer calibration process a few times. The IOL Master and optical coherence tomography units are other equipment types that should be routinely checked for accuracy.

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Denese is well-versed in the day to day operations of an ophthalmic office including scheduling, billing and coding, revenue management, contract negotiations, staff training , policy and procedure development and implementation.

Denese Smith, AAS, COT, OSC, COE
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