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Optometrists Looking for Jobs- Corporate, Hospital & Private Practice Opportunities.

Compensation and Bonuses for Optometrists.

What's a good salary offer for a new grad O.D., or  e, or Residency Trained Optometrist? Beyond salary, what else should you look for in a compensation package?

Corporate, Hospital Based or Private Practice?

Where will you fit in, grow and thrive? What about work life balance? Employment vs. Ownership- What fits you best?

Negotiations Help.

Do you need to accept the first offer? Great offers from multiple employers is a wonderful problem.  What do you do?

Mentors in Optometry. A Priceless Professional Growth!

Working with a willing mentor as opposed to a reluctant teacher is ideal for young optometrists. How do you find a position like that?

Red Flags to Look for When You're Interviewing.

What questions should you be asking? Most OD's don't pick the right job the 1st time- Get some help from us.

One Point of Contact

One experienced recruiter works with you and future employers. This is a helpful, responsive approach for job-seeking O.D.s.

7 Priorities- Making a Great Job Decision!

Our optometry recruiters coach you on what to look for in a great OD job opportunity.  Let's think through your priorites and come up with a strategic plan for your job search. Let's get connected.

Student Debt's Impact on Career Decision Making.

The average OD has mountains of school loans. How do you make a wise career decision when you're saddled with lots of stressful debt?

One-on-One Help

We Care About Your Career.  We have the experience, knowledge and connections to help you find a great opportunity.

Looking for the Ideal Optometry Job Opportunity? What interests you?

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