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Georgia Ophthalmology Practice for Sale

Georgia, United States
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Full time
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Ophthalmology Practice for Sale
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Georgia Ophthalmology Practice Recruiting Ophthalmologist for SALE

Are you an ophthalmologist searching for a great ophthalmology practice for sale?  If so, read on.

The Practice

We are a small comprehensive ophthalmology practice and we view our work as a ministry. 

Stable, caring, reputable practice in the community with a fully booked schedule and a healthy backlog.

We meet all quality standards.

The ophthalmologist and optometrist met during a mission and ministry trip and have been practicing together for 17 years.

In business 30+ years.

Highly visible location across from large local hospital.

7 staff- several here more than 20 years. Little to no turnover.

250-300 patient encounters per week  (and that’s with 6 - 8 weeks off per year).

300-350 surgeries per year performed in nearby hospital owned ASC.

Surgical procedures:  Cataract, glaucoma laser and surgeries, minimal strabismus, YAG / PK / DSEK, blephs, ectropions/entropions and more.

EHR - Eyefinity

Office hours:  Monday - Thursday, 8-5, Friday, 8-12.

Number of Ophthalmologists in area:  

One mid-sized practice with 2 ophthalmologists and 3 ODs...There are several solo doctors in the area.  Solo doctors are 58 and mid 60’s. One local ophthalmologist would like to refer surgeries to the practice.  There is also a large OD practice with 5 ODs and 1 ophthalmologist, but surgeries have to be done at a center 45 miles away. Nearest towns with other ophthalmologists are 40-60 miles away.

Favorable patient : doctor landscape...Big need for an ophthalmologist.

In short, an incoming ophthalmologist could manage all of the surgery for this practice and possibly the surgery for another practice (older, retiring doctor).


1 MD, 1 OD, 7 FTE’s.

6,000 s.f. (fully remodeled 7 years ago).

7 lanes with minor procedures room.

OCT, Corneal Topo, A & B Scan, Zeiss VF, YAG/SLT Duet laser

Full in-house Optical dispensary.

Exit Plan:

Owning doctor would like to wind down over the next 1-5 years, depending on the needs of the incoming ophthalmologist.  At the discretion of the incoming doctor, owning doctor may stay on to provide medical ophthalmology help and ensure a smooth transition, but this will be worked out between the incoming doctor and the current owner.


Owner runs a non-profit organization founded for the purpose of and dedicated to providing medical aid and spiritual help to underserved regions of the world.  


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