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Recruiting & Hiring a Great Ophthalmologist or Optometrist for Your Practice Opportunity?

Work with an Experienced, Knowledgeable Physician Recruiter.

Personal, Responsive MD Recruitment Help for Your Practice.  We work exclusively in Ophthalmology and Optometry.

Calls, Emails, Texts, Zoom and Social Networking to Source, Identify and Hire Ophthalmologists.

Promoting your practice opportunity to a wide audience gives you the opportunity to hire the best ophthalmologist available..

Ophthalmology Residency and Fellowship Programs Campaigns.

A critical piece of the recruitment puzzle. Reaching YO's requires a new mindset. We can help you reach today's young ophthalmologists.

One on One Help. We Can Help You Hire a Great Ophthalmologist.

Individualized attention and in-depth knowledge of your practice opportunity.  No one will know your opportunity better. 

Do You Know Your Key Selling Points? Your unique features and benefits.

People, Pay, Purpose, Patient Care or Place? What are the unique features of your ophthalmology practice opening? 

Let's Discuss Your Recruitment Strategy.  Let's think about engagement.

Let's discuss a recruitment plan that works for you and your budget while we search for the ideal ophthalmology team member. 

Marketing Your Job and Listing Your Ophthalmology Position.

Get More Eyes on Your Job Opportunity. Let's discuss your message and talk about ways to improve visibility.

How Does Your Opportunity Compare with Other Hiring Practices?

It's a competitive hiring landscape. Learn how your MD job can be more attractive to job seeking eye surgeons . 

Ophthalmology Recruitment Best Practices.  

How do you attract the best young or experienced ophthalmologists for your practice opportunity.



Recruiting an Ophthalmologist or Optometrist for Your Practice?

CHECK to see if an Ophthalmologist or Optometrist is LOOKING for a Job in Your Area!
This is confidential. If you'd like to connect by phone, our number is 828.514.9419

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The AAO Job Board Is Great But It Might Not Be Enough Help for Your Practice.

We can help you improve your results over the AAO Job Center.  Click here to learn more.

Our Unique Relationships Can Help Your Ophthalmology Practice Recruit.

Our unique approach can benefit your practice.  Read more.

We Want Your Practice to Be Another Happy OjO Success Story.

We're experienced, relational and have a proven track record.  Read more.

If Your Recruitment Efforts Aren't Working, It's Time for Plan B.

We have a strong network of trust-based relationships and more.  Learn more here.

SEE if there's an Ophthalmologist or Optometrist LOOKING for a Job in Your Local Area.

20,000 Ophthalmologists in the U.S... Many post CV's on the AAO Job Center. We Help You Engage.

The AAO Job Center is a great place to post your ophthalmology practice opportunity, but you might need more personal, experienced recruitment help. 

At any given time only a small percentage of all the ophthalmologists in the U.S. are posting their CV's on an ophthalmology job board and yet, we know you'd like to reach the largest audience of quality, job-seeking ophthalmologists possible.  We know you want to let great ophthalmologists find out about your job opportunity but to accomplish a successful search you need a talented, connected physician recruiter working with both active and passive job seeking ophthalmologists and sub-specialists. It's a challenging, highly competitive recruitment market and you want to find the best associate for your job or partnership opportunity. There's a good chance that you would benefit from the hands-on recruitment help we offer.  We would love to help you improve your odds of finding a great ophthalmologist or fellowship trained eye surgeon for your practice opportunity.  Let's talk.

450 PGY4's in the U.S...65% of Ophthalmology Residents Sub-specialize with Fellowship Training.

If you're looking to hire a fellowship trained ophthalmologist for your practice we can help. 

We recruit for the following ophthalmology sub-specialties:  Cornea, Glaucoma, Neuro-Ophthalmology, Oculoplastics, Pediatrics, Medical Retina, Refractive and Vitreoretinal Surgeons.

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