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Ophthalmologists Looking for Jobs- Employment and Partnership Opportunities.

Compensation for Ophthalmologists.

What's a good salary offer for an Ophthalmologist? What else should I look for in a compensation package? Let's chat.

Partnership vs. Employment. What's right for you?

Can You Become a Partner and still have Work Life balance? Is employment a better fit?

Family & Spouse Needs.

A common reason Ophthalmologists leave their jobs is for spouse and family reasons. Let's talk about an area that will fit your family's needs.

Mentors in Ophthalmology. Like a valuable Fellowship.

Work with a willing mentor, not a reluctant teacher! Can you find a mentor in your first job?  Ask us for help.

Red Flags to Look for When You're Interviewing with a Practice.

Most ophthalmologists don't pick the right job the first time. What questions should you be asking?

Contracts & Employment Agreements.

Contracts 101- The basics.  Is your contract onerous or fair?  CME, Relocation, PTO, Restrictive Covenants and more.

The 7 Priorities - Knowing these can help you!

Place, pay, people, principles, potential, patient care and purpose. We'd love to help you think through your priorities.

Giving Back!  Eye Care Missions, Local & Global Impact.

Give back to the underserved and needy in your community or abroad. Connect with an employer with the same mindset.

One-on-One Career Help Just for You!

We Care About Your Career! Our experience, knowledge and professional connections will help you.

People Really Matter! 
We want to help you find a great Ophthalmology job or partnership position and we have the knowledge,
relationships, resources and experience to help you and your family. 
We're different. We Care About Your Career!

Your Ideal Ophthalmology Practice Opportunity.

Tell us about your skills, training and the ideal practice model and location for you.
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WHAT IF you had a CAREER MENTOR? What if you worked with someone who put you and your family 1st?

What if you had a career mentor?  What if someone cared enough about you, your family and your career to put you first?  What if you worked with someone who understands how important your job choices are? 

What if you found someone knowledgeable and experienced in the national ophthalmology jobs market that could help you with contracts, compensation questions, identifying a good opportunity, red flags to look for when you're interviewing, CV and cover letter guidance, interviewing tips and more. We are caring physician recruitment professionals who earnestly want to help you find a great team opportunity.

We are not the typical, pushy recruiters.  We Care about Your Career.

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"You're in high demand so getting a job is easy...Finding a great team & career opportunity isn't."

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